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Hessle Foreshore Tidal Flood Defence Scheme

Constructing Excellence National Civil Engineering Project of the Year.

The tidal surge of December 2013 saw 40 homes and 44 businesses flooded in the Hessle area. With predicted sea level rise due to climate change, this type of event will become much more frequent. The Hessle Foreshore Tidal Defence Scheme (HFTDS) provides a 1-in-200 year standard of protection (SoP) to Hessle and west Hull.

Extensive feasibility work was undertaken to determine the most effective infrastructure solution. With a robust benefit cost ratio of 46, three locations were identified as lower than the required 6.9m AOD and addressed by the HFTDS:

  • The properties on and around Cliff Road, now protected by a concrete and glass defence structure which maintains the scenic views of the Humber Estuary and complements the Grade 1 listed Humber Bridge under which the HFTDS extends,
  • The A63 now protected with an innovative dual-purpose flood defence and vehicle restraint system (VRS) which now protects against overtopping of the A63 maintaining use of this strategic highway and protecting properties to the north,
  • The Hessle Clough structure, now with a raised concrete ring beam to prevent overtopping, protecting Hessle and west Hull to the north.

These sections were delivered under separate construction contracts in order to accelerate delivery, thus benefitting the local community and making the area more attractive for inward investment sooner.

The three defences that form the HFTDS have been completed to the £11m budget and provide effective flood protection to over 4000 homes and businesses in Hessle and west Hull. They are designed to be in keeping with their settings, require minimal ongoing maintenance and are resilient to climate change over the next 50 years.

Sustainability Assessment, Rating and Awards Scheme for Civil Engineering, Infrastructure, Landscaping and the Public Realm, the project achieved CEEQUAL Sustainability Performance Rating of Excellent (82.3%).